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Marta Minguell Colomé

New media artist

Graduated in Animation and VFX at La Salle Bonanova and with a master's degree in Audiovisual Innovation and Interactive Environments, Marta Minguell is a new media artist. She works in different forms of audiovisual, digital and physical projects that are developed at the intersection between art, technology and design, and that are based on the user's experience and perception. She participates in transdisciplinary practices through collaborative teamwork. He has exhibited at 080 Barcelona Fashion Week, LlumBCN Festival, Mutek Festival, Quartier Mozart in Cameroon, Teorema Festival, Mutuo Gallery and Intropias Festival in Alicante. She has made video graphics for Broox SL, The Pericas, Artec 3 Summalab, Mònica Rikic, Sonikgroove, Lvcha, Kontent, Frecuency or Diffusereality, among others. She has also collaborated with Yale University, Beanotherlab, La Salle Bonanova Universitat Ramon Llull and Bau University of Design. She has co-founded the collective Maison Choice with Loli Zazou and The Proximity Movement with Ana Karen Orozco, Catalina Ansaldi and Daniela Savalli.

Update: 28 February 2022

Has participated in

Something has entered some verse

Central event of the World Poetry Day 2022