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Marina Ribot Pallicer

Artist, curator and researcher

Marina Ribot studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona and the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in New York. She continued her studies by taking a degree in Art History and a masters degree in Teacher Training (UB). Her artistic practice brings together several audiovisual, photographic and pictorial proposals in which she explores and questions different strategies of control and dominance over the body, agriculture or the territory. Some of the artistic projects on which she has worked are: Geographies of war: the grid as an infrastructure (2019), A fleshless territory that embraces the world is like a bodyless ‘I’ (2020) and Art as a Cultivation Practice (2021). She is one of the tentacles of pli-é collective, along with Eva Paià and Angelica Tognetti. From this shared space, they table debates about the creation of new institutionalities and imagine proposals to return the term curation to the original etymology that relates it with “care. They worked on the research project Aseptic Imaginaries in collaboration with Idensitat and La Escocesa in the framework of the European project ETI – Expérimenter une transformation institutionnelle (2020-21). At present, they collectively manage Sala dArt Jove, a space for creation, research and training for young artists that depends on the Generalitat de Catalunya Catalan Government, and collaborate with the Education Department of the MACBA. 

Update: 31 January 2023