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Marina Herlop

Pianist, singer and songwriter

Conservatory-trained Marina Herlop uses piano and voice as her only tools to make music and experiment with harmony and melody. Her first album was Nanook (Instrumental Records, 2016). Her second album, Babasha (Aloud Music Ltd, 2018), added electronic textures and effects to her compositions, introducing her to the world of electronic music. Her latest album, Pripyat, offers a contrast to the two previous works. What defines Marina Herlop is her determination to carry music into the future and find formulas that she considers aesthetically attractive. This premise has guided her creative process from the start, and is the leading thread of all her work.

Update: 19 November 2020


Has participated in

Marçalianes. “I take the road that has led me to you”

Celebration of the creative legacy of Maria-Mercè Marçal