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Mariana Freijomil

Film critic and professor

Mariana Freijomil (Barcelona, 1978) is a graduate in Art History with a PhD in Communication from the Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona), her thesis focused on historical reconstructions in contemporary European cinema and the writing of history through film. Her areas of interest are contemporary visual culture and cinematographic aesthetics related to filmic space. She is an associate lecturer at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, co-director of the magazine Cinergia and a regular contributor to Shangrila Revista. At the same time, she also produces graphic work, this being published in Found Footage Magazine, Visual 404 and Paradoja Ediciones, among other media. She has also been involved in informative activities and workshops at L'Alternativa, Festival de Cinema Independent de Barcelona and has introduced sessions at Zumzeig and Filmoteca de Catalunya, among others.

Update: 1 September 2021