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Music Producer

Multidisciplinary artist focussing on rhythmic experimentation through movement and sound. He has danced since he was 11 and started publishing music and playing live at the age of 14. His curiosity has led him to connect with many musicians, institutions, collectives and creatives. After graduating in design, he became involved in teaching speculative design and sound design at universities in Barcelona. Today, he continues to balance his various facets in this same creative collision in his shows and personal projects. He is driven by a “musical restlessness” beyond genres, using intuition and improvisation as the forces that power his creation.

His latest album “Nuevo Ritmo” was presented in an intimate listening session at the new Casa Montjuïc with a series of tracks and videos, showing the internal connection between sound production and body movement so vital to his conception of rhythm. After its release, it was presented at Sónar 2023 in a multi-layer show that was the first outing for the collaboration with Joan Sandoval’s algorithm, which will be exhibited in greater depth at the CCCB on 15 February.

Update: 29 August 2022


Has participated in


Collaborative audiovisual performance with MANS O and Joan Sandoval

Bivac. Correspondences

With Clara Roquet, Pol Jiménez, Mans O and Aixa de la Cruz

Emergència! 2017

Emerging Musics Festival