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Lucía Egaña

Egaña is an artist, writer and trans-feminist, whose work intersects art with feminisms, colonial and migratory processes, post-pornography, technology and error. She works with media such as video art, artistic installations, collage or pedagogy. She has studied Fine Arts, Aesthetics and Documentary Cinema, and has a PhD in Audiovisual Communication. Egaña has published Enciclopedia del amor en los tiempos del porno (with Josefa Ruiz-Tagle, Cuarto propio, 2014) and Atrincheradas en la carne. Lecturas en torno a las prácticas postpornográficas (Bellaterra Edicions, 2017), which addresses the various branches articulating the post-porno movement in the Barcelona context. She had previously dealt with this subject in her first documentary film, Mi sexualidad es una creación artística (2011). Egaña has been a member of the educational team and the academic direction of the MACBA Independent Studies Programme, has co-directed the Institute of Porno Studies and has been involved in the organisation of the Muestra Marrana festival and the collective. She is currently a member of the Cooperativa de Tècniques group.

Update: 25 April 2023


Has participated in

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Panel discussion with Lucía Egaña, Brigitte Vasallo and Eloy Fernández Porta


Contemporary feminism and activism