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La Veronal

Founded in 2005 by Marcos Morau, La Veronal is a company of artists from the world of dance, film, literature, music and photography. With the aim of bastir global artistic spaces, La Veronal is constantly looking for new expressive supports that, together with cultural references from film, literature, music and photography, bet on a strong narrative language. Its choreographies are based on a distortion of classical dance that intersects with elements of theater and silent films and eliminates superfluous elements to achieve a naked dance.

Each of the company's pieces takes, as a starting point, a country or a city of the world, creating an analogy between dance and geography, and using the elements of each place name to develop an idea or a plot. Iceland (2012), Russia (2011), Siena (2018) or Sonoma (2021), among others, are pieces of this decalogue that has received awards in national and international choreographic competitions, such as the Certamen Coreográfico de Madrid, Masdanza, the Copenhagen International Competition or the Fira Tàrrega, as well as a special mention at the International Dance Fair of Huesca and a representation at the Biennal of Young Artists from Europe.

Update: 25 February 2022

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