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Juan López de Uralde

Director of Greenpeace, Spain.

The Executive Director of Greenpeace (Spain) since 2001, he has successfully worked to make the Spanish public aware of issues like climate change, marine pollution and protecting biodiversity. Prior to this, he worked for Greenpeace International as coordinator of the campaign against toxic pollution, focusing on the development of organisational work in Asia and Latin America in initiatives related with the struggle against pollution.

He began his professional career in 1986 on the Consejo de la Juventud de España (Youth Council of Spain), where he was engaged with producing the proposal for the present-day Parque Regional del Sureste (Southeast Regional Park, Madrid). He has written numerous proposals exclusively concerned with the defence of nature, both in Spain and in other countries. He has written dozens of articles and given courses on matters related with the environmental situation of the planet. He has also written books on these questions, including El libro del Agua (The Book of Water).

In recent years he has focused his work on publicising the potential of renewable energies within the framework of the present energy debate. His most recent book in this domain is Energías Alternativas (Alternative Energies).


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