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Josep Padró

A multi-faceted professional who works above all as an independent filmmaker and storyteller, Josep Padró Piedrafita works in all formats, spheres and sectors, although the long-duration documentary is the option he finds most attractive. He is professor of the course on directing documentaries at the Platón School of Cinema.

Currently, and related with the documentary, he is directing a documentary feature film co-produced by Televisió de Catalunya on the beatification process of Antoni Gaudí. His latest finished documentary, "El complejo de Stradivarius", is being distributed around Europe ad has already been broadcast on television in Catalonia, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany and Austria.

In the academic field he is a graduate in Communication with specialisation in audiovisual creation and has written two books or manuals related with the documentary genre, Técnicas de reportaje y documental (Madrid, Editrain, 2012) and Producir y financiar un documental en Cataluña (Barcelona, UOC, 2016).

Update: 23 June 2017

Has participated in

Workshop on the production of narrative documentaries on the Anthropocene