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Josep Murgades

Philologist, writer and translator

Professor emeritus of Catalan Philology at the University of Barcelona, Murgades has also been a lecturer at the German University of Regensburg. He was one of the founders of the journal Els Marges, which he has directed since 1991. He has focused much of his research on the study of Noucentisme, with special attention to the figure of Eugeni d'Ors, of whom he edited several volumes of the Obra catalana completa [Complete Catalan Works] between 1987 and 1994. He has also been concerned with philological issues of a linguistic nature, with special attention to the work of Pompeu Fabra. In this regard, he has published the books Teoria de la llengua literària segons Fabra [Theory of Literary Language according to Fabra] (Quaderns Crema, 1984), in collaboration with Xavier Lamuela, and Textos desconeguts de Fabra [Unknown Texts by Fabra] (Punctum & GRECUB, 2005). He is also the author of Escrits sobre llengua [Writings on language] (Pagès, 2016) or Escrits sobre Fabra [Writings on Fabra] (Pagès, 2017), among others. He has translated from German works by Kafka, Thomas Bernhard, Goethe, Herman Hesse and Thomas Mann.

Update: 28 February 2022


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