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José-Carlos Mariátegui

Scientist, writer and curator.

José-Carlos Mariátegui is a writer, curator and entrepreneur on culture and technology. Studied Biology and received his BSc in Applied Mathematics, holds both Masters and Doctoral degrees in Information Systems and Innovation from the London School of Economics and Political Science - LSE (London). Dr. Mariátegui is the founder of Alta Tecnología Andina – ATA, a project devoted to creativity, technology and innovation in Latin America.  Is currently an Advisory Board member of the Bicentenary of the Independence of Peru, Editorial Board member for Leonardo Books at MIT Press, Advisory Board member for AI & Society (UK) and member of the Board of Trustees at the Art Museum of Lima - MALI (Peru). He is the co-editor with M. Hernandez and J. Villacorta of The future was now: 21 years of video and electronic art in Peru (2018). Has published in journals such as Third Text, The Information Society, Telos and Leonardo and worked on projects on art, science and technology for more than two decades.

Update: 4 February 2019



An exhibition that explores the influence of Quantum Physics on our everyday lives.



In search of the invisible

Has participated in