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Jordi Pérez Colomé

A journalist specialising in international politics and director of the cultural review El Ciervo, Jordi Pérez Colomé regularly writes about U.S. foreign policy, which he subjects to critical scrutiny in his blogs Obama World and World Wide Blog, as well as the online publication He is well-versed in the present-day politics and conflicts in the Middle East, which he has visited on several occasions. He has written six books, most of them on U.S. politics, including La historia de tres campañas (The Story of Three Campaigns, 2013). He has been awarded the José Manuel Porquet Prize for Digital Journalism (2012) and the iRedes Letras Enredadas Prize (2014).


Has participated in

Drones. Siege at a Distance

Debate with Chris Woods, Tonje Hessen and Jordi Pérez and screening of the documentary «Drone»