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Joe Crepúsculo


Joël Iriarte (Sant Joan Despí, 1981), also known as Joe Crepúsculo, or as Crepus, or as Supercrepus, is one of the most unpredictable and prolific musicians in the history of Spanish pop music. During his twelve-year solo career, he’s released at least eight albums, along with countless other projects and collaborations.

Arisen from the Barcelona underground and seasoned in bands as charismatic as Tarántula, his solo path took a huge leap with his move to Madrid, where he established new complicities. Throughout his career he’s always been ahead of the trends (in some cases, provoking them himself), mixing up Latin rhythms that almost nobody used with country music, folk music, mákina or cartoon intro music. Not in vain, he defines himself as a techno troubadour. He’s produced hits such as La fábrica de baile, La canción de tu vida and, even more important to us, the Primera Persona theme song, co-written with Manolo Vázquez.

Update: 13 April 2021


Has participated in

Primera Persona 2021

“Scars” special

Emergència! 2018

Emerging Musics Festival

BCNmp7. Emergency Fest

Musics in Process