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Jochen Doppelhammer

Jochen Doppelhammer is one of the leading experts in the mobile telephone industry worldwide. Above all he is known as founder of the KPN mobile telephone operator in Spain. The key to his success has been skilfully combining knowledge in technology and culture to seek out opportunities in the mobile telephone sector and bring them to a successful conclusion. 

 He has led international companies to rethink their strategic priorities, transforming distribution models or negotiating wholesale contracts. His career began in the company Accenture working on new business ideas, and he has now been working for over 14 years occupying leadership posts in different mobile telephone operators and business management consultation, such as: T-Mobile International, Oliver Wyman, Node and Viant. As a consultant, his clients include: Mobikom Austria, Telefónica, Mobily, Etisalat, IBM and Emap.

 Jochen continues advising leaders in the telecommunications industry for the development of successful strategies based on the creative application of state-of-the-art technologies.

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Update: 10 September 2012


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