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Joan Llort

An oceanographer at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, he is a data processing expert in the study of atmosphere-ocean interactions and their impacts on plankton and the carbon cycle.

Joan Llort graduated in Physics at the University of Barcelona and has carried out research in oceanography at the Sorbonne University in Paris and the University of Tasmania, Australia. The focus of his present research is quantifying the effects of desert dust and forest fires in marine ecosystems. In addition to scientific research, he has also been engaged since 2021 in several hybrid projects of art and science that aim to rethink oceanographic and climate data from the aesthetic and conceptual points of view through co-creation with artists. In this domain, he heads a science and sound art project with the artist Pablo Sanz and the PLAYMODES team, which is funded by a Joan Oró grant from the Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation, and he also works with the duo Tarta Relena in reconstructing the siren song of the Odyssey by means of marine robot data. His involvement with artistic creation has led to his participation in festivals like Sònar+D and Eufònic.

Update: 10 October 2023


Has participated in

Gleaning in the field of collaboration between art and science

3rd ICM / BAU Seminar