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Isabel Sucunza

Isabel Sucunza (Pamplona, 1972) studied Journalism at the University of Navarra and is a bookseller and writer. After moving to Barcelona she took part in the BTV (Barcelona Television) programme Saló de lectura (Readers’ Room) and, subsequently, in the TV3 (Catalan Television) literary programme L’hora del lector (Reader’s Hour), as well as the radio programme Els Experts. One day, tired of repeating the same old answers to the question “How’s life?” she began to write a blog which ended up being expanded and transformed into the book La tienda y la vida (The Shop and Life, Blackie Books, 2012). She is presently co-founder and co-owner of the bookshop Llibreria Calders, which opened in April 2014, and she also works with the publishing house Navona Editorial. In 2017 she published Informe de lectura (Reading Report), which is co-authored by Abel Cutillas.

Update: 19 November 2018


Has participated in

Arrautza, ou, huevo, oeuf, egg

Lecture by Bernardo Atxaga

Primera Persona 2013

Autobiographic live sessions: pop music concerts, stand-up comedy, theatre and narrative