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Helena González Fernández

Helena González Fernández (Comesaña-Vigo, 1967) is Director of the Centre Dona i Literatura. Gènere, sexualitats, crítica de la cultura (Center for Women and Literature. Gender, sexualities and cultural criticism; 2013 - ) and professor of Galician Literature at the Universitat de Barcelona. Her research interest focus on feminist literary criticism, popular culture, contemporary Galician literature and cultural relations between Galicia and Catalonia. She is the Director of the scientific journal Abriu: estudos de textualidade do Brasil, Galicia e Portugal and is a member of the editorial board of Lectora. Revista de Dones i Textualitat. Her recent works include: Máxima audiencia. Cultura popular y género (with Isabel Clúa; Icaria, 2011) and Género y nación. La construcción de un espacio literario (Icaria, 2009).

Update: 9 February 2016


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