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Harto de todo: Que pagui Pujol! (Jordi Llansamà, Joni D. and Jordi Valls)

Jordi Llansamà, head of Bcore record label, is the author of one of the best-known books about subculture published in our country (Harto de todo. Historia oral del punk en la ciudad de Barcelona 1979-1987, BCore, 2011) and eyewitness of the events that occurred. Joni D. (previously Joni Destruye) is the author of another great book about punk and hardcore in Barcelona (Que pagui Pujol!, La Ciutat Invisible edicions, 2011) and a punk militant of the time. And, to complete the trio, the pioneer of pioneers: Jordi Valls, a Catalan proto-punk émigré who experienced the punk explosion of 1976-1978 in London.

Update: 26 April 2012


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