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Guillem Serrahima Solà

Researcher and editor

He is a graduate of Contemporary Philosophy from the Université Paris 8 and holds a Master’s in Aesthetics from the EHESS (Paris). After completing his master’s degree, he spent a year doing an interdisciplinary studies course on media, art and hacktivism at ArTeC (Paris) where he is currently working on his PhD in the Archaeology of Digital Media. He has collaborated with the NEST research program at Berkeley University (USA), has taught at the Université Paris 8 and has been a visiting lecturer at BAU Design College of Barcelona, Escola Massana Art and Design Centre and Eina Idea.

His research focuses on the convergence of cybernetics, finance and art. He has collaborated on research and creations with other artists, cultural actors and investigators. He is the editor of IF Publications, where he has worked and published with local and international artists. Moreover he is currently learning the craft of beekeeping.

Update: 3 June 2021

Has participated in

The Opaque Route

Alimentary platforms, distribution infrastructures, consumption and data flow, with Gerard Ortín Castellví and Guillem Serrahima Solà