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Georges Corm

Economist and former Finance Minister of Lebanon

Georges Corm is an economist specialising in the Middle East and the Mediterranean. With a Ph.D. from the University of Paris, he has taught in several European universities besides working as an economic adviser to the World Bank, the European Union and several United Nations agencies. He was Lebanon’s Minister of Finance from 1998 to 2000. At present, along with his consulting work, he is teaching in the Saint Joseph and Balamand universities of Lebanon. Among his recent books are East and West. The Imaginary Divide, Dar El Saqi, Beirut (published in Catalan as La fractura imaginària: esperit racional i religió a Occident i Orient, Pagès, 2003); Le Proche-Orient éclaté 1956-2003 (Gallimard, 2003 – Fragmentation of the MIddle East: The Last Thirty Years, Unwin Hyman-Hutchinson, 1988); Le Liban Contemporain. Histoire et société (La Découverte, 2003), A History of the Middle East: From Antiquity to the Present Day, Garnet Publishing Ltd., 2009 (published in Spanish as Historia de Oriente Medio: de la Antigüedad a nuestros días, Península, 2009); Le nouveau gouvernement du monde: idéologies, structures, contre-pouvoirs (La Découverte, 2010); and L’Europe et le Mythe de l’Occident: La Construction d’une Histoire (published in Spanish as Europa y el mito de Occidente, Península, 2010).

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Georges Corm

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Georges Corm

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