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Francesc Gòdia

Francesc Gòdia is a graduate and Doctor of Chemical Sciences (Autonomous University of Barcelona). He has been a researcher, president, coordinator, teacher, professor and vice-rector of many conferences, programs, doctorates, projects, companies and international courses in biotechnology, biomedicine and cell engineering.

Within biochemical engineering, he has centred his research on animal cell culture technology for the production of biopharmaceuticals and vaccines, and life support in space. This led him to the position of director of the MELiSSA pilot plant, a European Space Agency facility for the development of life support technology in human space exploration missions.

Update: 26 February 2021


Has participated in

Francesc Gòdia

The MELiSSA project: Life in Space

Mission ALIA

Science and creation for secondary schools with the Institut d’Estudis Espacials de Catalunya