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Enric Casasses

Poet, playwright, rhapsody and translator

Probably the most influential Catalan poet of his generation, author of a genuine, transgressive, work that rescues the oral poetry tradition, and with a highly heterogeneous range of concerns—from troubadour poetry, to psychedelic surrealism, by way of authors like Jacint Verdaguer and Víctor Català—Casasses has become an oral and written embodiment of a new way of creating poetry in the world of Catalan literature. He demonstrate this in a vast body of work including poetry, fiction, and plays with such notable titles as La cosa aquella (Empúries, 1982), T’hi sé (Edicions 1984, 2013), A la panxa del poema en prosa que no hi neva ni hi plou (Tria, 2013) and, recently, El nus la flor (Edicions Poncianes, 2017). He is also a translator and, in 2011, was awarded the Serra d’or Critics’ Prize for his work in this area. As an editor, he has recovered texts by such authors as Juli Vallmitjana, Jacint Verdaguer, Víctor Català, and Francesc Pujols. He has received many literary prizes and, in 2012, the National Award for Literature by the National Council for Culture and the Arts (CoNCA) in recognition of his literary and artistic career. In 2020, he received the Catalan Letters Award of Honour.

Update: 20 November 2020


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