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Enric Casasses

His work shows very heterogeneous influences. From 1972 he has published around twenty books, among them La cosa aquella (1982, Crítica Serra d'Or Award of poetry 1992), No hi érem (Crítica de poesia catalana Award, 1994), Desfà els grumolls (1994), Calç (1996, Carles Riba Award 1995), D'equivocar-se així (1997, Ausiàs Marc Award, Gandia, 1996), Uh (1997, 2007), Coltells (1998), Plaça Raspall: poema en set cants (1998, Ciutat de Palma Poetry Award 1999), Canaris fosforescents (2001), Que dormim (2002) and a couple of poetry records with music, El pa de navegar with Manel Pugès (Zanfonia, 1999) and La manera més salvatge with Pascal Comelade (Discmedi, 2006). Among his latest publications we find Bes nagana (Edicions 1984, 2011) and A la panxa del poema en prosa que no hi neva ni hi plou (Tria, 2013).

In 2012 was rewarded with the National Literature award by the Catalan governement and today is a reference in the poetry world and has been one of the main names in Catalan literature for the last decades.

Interview with Enric Casasses in Sant Cugat del Vallès, 2006, Vilaweb.

Update: 25 February 2019


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