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Eléctrico 28

A company formed by versatile artists, dedicated to the transformation of the performing arts.

Eléctrico 28 is a group of artists trained in different fields, including literature, philology and medicine. Their performances involve different specialties, from clown acts to urban art, physical theatre and dance. The company, made up of Alina Stockinger, Daniela Poch, Josep Cosials, Jordi Solé, Arnau Vinós and Judit Martínez, was formed in 2014 for the project Entre Tazas. To date, they have developed a wide variety of projects, including The Frame and Electrictionary. Their proposals are characterised by a desire to transform the performing arts and to occupy public space as another potential stage.

Update: 20 September 2022

Has participated in


A Theatrical Itinerary and a Game with Girls and Boys from the Raval