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Diego Redolar Ripoll

Expert in cognitive neuroscience. He is co-director of the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (In3) research programme “Neurociència Cognitiva i Tecnologies de la Informació” (Cognitive Neuroscience and the Information Technologies), a lecturer in Psychobiology and Neurosciences at the Open University of Catalonia, and a co-founder of the Cognitive Neurolab. He was also editor of the study “Neural Basis of Video Gaming” which, published in the review Frontiers in Human Neuroscience (2017), was one of the first comparative studies of the neurological effects of videogames. He has also published the books Cerebro y adicción (Brain and Addiction, UOC, 2008), El cerebro cambiante (The Changing Brain, UOC, 2012), and Placer, toma de decisiones y cerebro (Pleasure, Decision Making and Brain, UOC, 2017).

Update: 13 December 2019


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