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Christian Alonso

Researcher, writer and curator

Christian Alonso is a researcher, writer and curator based in Barcelona. He is a lecturer in art history at ESDi Design School-Ramon Llull University and the University of Lleida. He has been coordinator of On Mediation programme on curatorial practice from 2013 to 2021. He holds a PhD in Art history and theory, University of Barcelona. In his doctoral dissertation, he links Félix Guattari’s ecosophic perspective with a series of ethico-aesthetic practices in order to conceptualise the work of art as a technology for producing non-anthropocentric modes of life. He has worked on this subject as a curator (Imaginaris multiespècies [Multispecies imaginaries], La Capella, 2022; Polítiques del sòl [Soil politics], Centre d'Art Maristany, 2019; Recomposicions maquíniques [Machinic recompositions], Can Felipa, 2017); as an author and editor of books and journals (Transversal Ethico-Aesthetics, REGAC Journal of Global Studies and Contemporary Art, 2021; Polítiques del sòl [Soil politics], Sant Cugat City Council, 2021; Recomposicions maquíniques, Barcelona City Council, 2019; Mutating Ecologies in Contemporary Art, Edicions de la Universitat de Barcelona, 2019); as the coordinator of conferences, symposia, seminars and workshops on art and critical thought (Mutating Ecologies in Contemporary Art, MACBA, 2016; 2018; 2019; 2020; Indigenous Epistemologies and Artistic Imagination, Institut Français-MACBA, 2019; Culture and Sustainability: 3 days with T.J. Demos, Fundació Tàpies-UB, 2018; Art and Speculative Futures, CCCB, 2016; Towards an Ecology of Knowledges, MACBA-UB); and as director of applied artistic research projects such as the  Working Group on the hybrid ecologies of the Llobregat Delta.

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