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Betsabé Garcia

Betsabé Garcia (Barcelona, 1975) trained as a researcher at the Unit of Biographical Studies at the University of Barcelona. She has studied and made known the lives of outstanding women in history with books like Juguen Dames (They Play Draughts) about three girls who managed to get women admitted to university studies in Spain, and L’aventura de volar (The Flying Adventure) telling the life story of the first Catalan woman aviator, Pepa Colomer. Author of the biography of Montserrat Roig, Con otros ojos (Amb uns altres ulls – With Other Eyes), she has lectured on Roig, women’s history, and the biographical genre in local, national, and international institutions and universities.

Update: 30 August 2021


The Roig Revels

A festive tribute on the 75th anniversary of Montserrat Roig birth

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The Roig Revels