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Berta Prieto

Berta Prieto was born in 1998 and spent her entire childhood and adolescence in Celrà, until she decided to head for Barcelona and start her egodelirium. Like any attention-seeker she studied acting, but her need to speak her mind all the time led her to writing. Together with Lola Rosales she has created, performed and staged various shows such as El Chinabum (La Gleva) and FUCK YOU MODERN FAMILY o todo sobre mi abuela (Sala Beckett and Bitó produccions). They are currently a resident company at Sala Beckett, where they will premiere their latest show, Derecho a Pataleta, una missió trepidant de Les Espies de veritat. She is one of the creators of the series Autodefensa, cashing in on all of her traumas and proving she’s got the best boobs in Barcelona. As a result, her followers have increased, she’s been nominated for the Feroz awards, and she’s had the opportunity to say a lot of nonsense in various very important media outlets. Her parents are rather proud of her, though she never calls them—after all, she’s a star now.


Update: 15 February 2023


Has participated in

Memefest 2023

A celebration of digital folklore and humour on the Internet