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Anne Applebaum

Anne Applebaum (Washington, 1964) is a writer and columnist for the magazine Slate and the newspaper The Washington Post, of which she is a member of the editorial board. Over the course of her journalistic career, her texts have appeared in the most important American and British media. She has become a key figure for understanding social evolution in Eastern Europe and Russia over the course of the 20th century thanks to her knowledge of the main European conflicts after the Second World War, such as that focused on by her latest book El telón de acero: La destrucción de Europa del Este 1944-1956 (Debate, 2014), a major work of archival research selected for the National Book Award and winner of several prizes. Another highlight among her written works is her essay Gulag: Una historia (Debate, 2004), winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Non-Fiction and translated into over 24 languages. Applebaum graduated from the University of Yale and won a Marshall scholarship for the London School of Economics – where she would occupy the Philippe Roman Chair in History and International Affairs during the academic year 2012-2013 – and also studied at St. Antony’s College, University of Oxford. She has been a reader at several European universities and is currently editorial adviser on European foreign policy issues for several written publications, while also writing on American and international politics.

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