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Andrés Jaque

Andrés Jaque is an artist, architect and scholar based in New York and Madrid, he is the founder of the Office of Political Innovation, an international practice that works in the intersection of research, politics and design. He has received the 10th Frederick Kiesler Prize, the Silver Lion to the Best Research Project at the 14th Venice Biennale, Alfred Toepfer Stiftung’s Tessenow Stipendiat, the Dionisio Hernández Gil Award and the Architectural Record’s Designers of the Year Award.

He is Phd Architect (ETSAM), Professor at the Columbia University GSAPP; and Visiting Professor of Princeton University SoA. His publications include Everyday Politics, SUPERPOWERS OF TEN, PHANTOM. Mies as Rendered Society, Different Kinds of Water Pouring into a Swimming Pool or Dulces Arenas Cotidianas.

His work has been showed at Museum of Modern Art, MoMA, ZKM Kalsruhe, MAK Austrian Museum in Vienna, CalArts Center for Contemporary Arts, Schweizerisches Architektur Museum in Basel, Z33 Hasselt, the Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine de Paris, JUMEX Museum, Tel Aviv Museum of Arts, Mostra di Architettura de la Bienal de Venezia, Gwangju Biennale and Lisbon Architecture Triennale, the Chicago Architecture Biennial and the London Design Museum.


Update: 23 February 2017


Has participated in

Sexualising Architecture

Lecture by Andrés Jaque and conversation with Pol Esteve