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Adrián de Alfonso (Veracruz, Bèstia Ferida, Capitán, Don The Tiger)

Veteran and militant on the city’s underground scene, with both pop and cutting-edge avant-garde music, Adrián de Alfonso (La Coruña, Spain, 1978) has placed his talent at the service of such varied projects as Bèstia Ferida, Capitán and Veracruz, as well as working with international legends of the calibre of Lydia Lunch and Mark Cunningham. Resident in Berlin for the last 18 months, he contributes articles to magazines such as Rockdelux and has completed his most personal disc as Don The Tiger, Varadero, released this spring by the Canada record label and audiovisual production company.


Has participated in

Primera Persona 2013

Autobiographic live sessions: pop music concerts, stand-up comedy, theatre and narrative