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Third week of «Culturnautes 2019»: Everybody with the body

Laboratory of collective creation of a show, by Sonia Gómez and Periphery group.

Video summary of the third week of Culturenauts 2019
We’ve devoted this week of our summer camp to the close relationship between body, heart and mind: connecting the body with thoughts, feelings and the action of relating to others—a fundamental exercise for cultivating our well-being, our creativity and, ultimately, collective life.
We suggested that the culturenauts strike up a debate with the avant-garde, making their bodies talk about everyday life. 
They created a collage of juxtaposed images, mixed and magnified with a microscope, in the same way that Sonia Gómez and the Perifèria collective work with performance. The culturenauts ended up creating a piece for themselves, taking into account their physical and creative possibilities, and their interests.

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16 July 2019