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Greetings from Mars

Culturnautes 2021: week 2

What stories would we tell if we went spent our holidays on Mars? Would they be different to the ones on Earth? What would its inhabitants and the landscape be like? The Pink Pixel Collective (Sílvia Martínez, Marina Sáez, Ives Laborie and Zeta) invites us on an experimental five-day journey through illustrated storytelling and collaborative creation.

Following the theme of the exhibition Mars. The Red Mirror, the culturenauts will enter a laboratory to create visual, text and sound contents linked to mythology, science fiction and ecology. We’ll will explore narrative techniques that allow us to construct a joint portrait of the red planet and learn to represent them using collective art, with the emphasis on questioning individual authorship as we know it and the key role of chance in the end result.

On Friday 9 July, the families attended the launch of the first Martian Postal Service between Earth and Mars, where they had the chance to make their own Martian postcards using all the graphic and narrative material produced by the culturenauts. They could then mail the resulting creations to whomever they wanted.

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9 July 2021