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"The difference between male and female does not hold anymore"

Jack Halberstam, gender and queer theorist

In this interview, the expert in gender and queer studies Jack Halberstam, explains what he means by trans* bodies. For Halberstam, the changes in bodies and gender identity that are occurring are positive for society as a whole and mark a turning point in the way of understanding marriage, relationships, family, care, etc. Halberstam argues that the changes are definitive, especially among younger generations.

When asked about how Donald Trump's policy may affect the LGTB collective, Halberstam warns that the greatest danger is the normalization of white supremacy in American society. Sositene that the American president has a significant support of the white community of gays and lesbians (a 14% voted Trump)

Participants: Jack Halberstam

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1 March 2017