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Bodies, gender, identities

Gender discourse today is richer and more complex than it has ever been before. The binary reductionism of the man-woman framework is being left behind and the idea that gender identity is something that is much more fluid and diverse is now gaining a foothold. 

Susan Stryker

The Transgender Lens

Susan Stryker, activist and historian of the struggles for the rights of the LGBTI collective, explores the concept of “transgender”, not as an identity but, rather, to understand it as a lens that reveals self and world in new ways. 

Judith Butler. Fina Birulés and Marta Segarra

The Gender Trouble: Why Do Bodies Matter?

Gender and sexuality are currently under discussion. How much influence do biology and culture have? Are there more than two sexes? How important are social norms, and to what extent can we change them in order to make life more “liveable”? What is the difference between “precariousness” ...

Fox & Owl and Diego Marchante

Trans Perspectives: a Debate on Gender, Art and Politics

Trans Artists and Activists Fox Fisher & Owl and Diego Marchante talk about how today’s media, cinema and literature represent trans people and everyone else who does not conform to the prevailing binary gender division. They also speak about productions halfway between art and activism ...

Miquel Missé and Sam Fernández

Scrambling Gender: on Identity, Bodies, Medicine and Hormones

Where are the boundaries of what is deemed ‘normal’? How does the techno-medical system work in the processes of subjectivation? How does the hegemonic way of viewing the body operate when looking at gender diverse people? Miquel Missé, sociologist and activist, and Sam Fernández, biologist and gender researcher, discuss present-day discourse, practices and policies affecting people who do not fit within the binary system of gender assignment. 

Jack Halberstam

Trans* Bodies

How has the representation of transgender and transsexual bodies evolved in popular culture? Might we be able to imagine a future in which gender could be optional or hackable or, to go still further, a genderless future? Jack Halberstam, Professor of American Studies and Ethnicity, Gender Studies and Comparative Literature at the University of Southern California (USC), reflects on this questions in a lecture presented by sociologist and activist Miquel Missé.

"The difference between male and female does not hold anymore"

Jack Halberstam, gender and queer theorist

In this interview, the expert in gender and queer studies Jack Halberstam, explains what he means by trans* bodies. For Halberstam, the changes in bodies and gender identity that are occurring are positive for society as a whole and mark a turning point in the way of understanding marriage, ...

Lucía Egaña, Brigitte Vasallo and Eloy Fernández Porta

My body is a battleground

What kind of discourse traverses our bodies and its affections? How does power impinge on the design of bodily behaviour, morphologies and physiologies? To what end? What capacity do we have to reinvent our bodies and affections beyond the bounds of the norm? A panel discussion with Lucía Egaña, Brigitte Vasallo and Eloy Fernández Porta.

Body and home

Soy Cámara online

The exhibition "1000 m2 of desire" gives us an opportunitty to think about space, desire and fetish. This program is made from Youtube images  along with sound clips from Agustín García Calvo thoughts on the House as a symbol of the body. Internet has made ...