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Tatiana Goransky and Marina Espasa

Barcelona - Buenos Aires: Once mil kilómetros

The Catalan metropolis and the Argentinian capital are united by an extraordinary literary tradition. Barcelona - Buenos Aires: Once mil kilómetros (Barcelona - Buenos Aires: Eleven Thousand Kilometres; Trampa Ediciones) attempts to build bridges between the two cities through twenty-two stories written by male and female authors who faithfully represent the current literary pulse on either side of the Atlantic. The book, conceived and compiled by the Argentinian writer Tatiana Goransky, will be published in two different editions, one in Argentina and the other in Spain, which is presented at Kosmopolis.

Presentation with: Matías Néspolo (author), Josan Hatero (author), Marta Orriols (author), Franco Chiaravalloti (author), Diego Gándara (author), Verónica Nieto (author), Aleko Capilouto Segot (author), Jon Botas (editor) and Carmen Berasategui (editor).

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21 March 2019