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Kosmopolis 02. Audio-visual synthesis

A festival where the word takes the floor and flows. Where literature with all of its facets is the protagonist. A festival to free readers, allow accepted canons to change and imagine the leaps that a false notion of reality never permits. A festival to shake up genres, navigate languages, and review myths, traditions and identities. A festival to share the innumerable intricacies of the soul and the mutations of the world. A festival to break through our cognitive vanity and appeal to the powerful fictions that only seek to control and dominate. A festival with a memory and a horizon. With crossing paths and ever-expanding networks. A meeting to celebrate everything that unites us. A date with art and freedom inspired by an age-old awareness: we are citizens of the cosmos, citizens of the universe. This festival already exists in each of our hearts. And although it is trapped in time, we must learn to celebrate it with a breath of loving eternity. Welcome to the joy of the attempt.

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11 December 2002