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Interview with Sergio Chejfec

Reflection and analysis play a prominent role in the writing of Sergio Chejfec, an author who relates the narrative of a novel with the stream of thought. According to Chejfec, each new book makes a system with the previous books establishing different connections between them; continuities are created and ruptures occur, until we reach the irrevocable element that alters the previous work.

Regarding the workshop Narrating Google that he taught within the context of Kosmopolis. Continuous Program, we also chat about his literary origins, influences and preferences that involuntarily represented a starting point. Not for nothing does Chejfec rescue knights-errant from the Argentine pampas of the 19th century or from the first encyclopaedia he ever read, perhaps the birthplace of this perpetual displacement that comes alive in the characters and scenarios of his tales and novels.

Sergio Chejfec has a blog called Parábola Anterior in order to leave part of his work online also.

Participants: Sergio Chejfec

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20 May 2014