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Éric Marty. Sade in the 20th century

Éric Marty is a writer, essayist, teacher specializing in contemporary literature and the history of ideas, and author of the book Pourquoi le XXe siècle a-t-il pris Sade au sérieux? [Why did the 20th century take Sade seriously?] (Seuil, 2011). In this interview, he talks about the reception of Sade’s work as of the 1930s and especially World War II, when it was possible to access his entire body of work, and some intellectuals began to interpret him as a serious, profound writer who addressed real issues such as horror and the death drive, and a revolutionary author who prompted us to think about the world in a different way.

Participants: Éric Marty

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1 June 2023