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Challenging Complexity: How Publications Change What it Means to be a Digital Library

Caylin Smith (British Library)

The nature of narration is changing through the possibilities offered by digital technologies. Libraries are just beginning to understand this, and a new dimension has opened up in which to store these digital publications, much more complex than those of previous times. The definition of a digital story has widened to such an extent that it includes dynamic publications created for mobile platforms and the internet. In the United Kingdom, the Legal Deposit Libraries have the right to archive all the country’s digital archives. But what happens when a book behaves in an unexpected way and needs to turn to external sources of information to explain a story? What tools and methods do libraries need to store these books? What challenges are posed by software and hardware? How is the relationship between creators, libraries, technology companies and user communities changing?

Participants: Caylin Smith

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23 March 2019