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Brett Anderson with Xavi Sancho

Brett Anderson is the lead singer with Suede and one of the foremost figures of Brit Pop (the press called him a cross between Bowie and Morrissey). He underwent the predictable stages of stardom and addiction, and got through both. Although Suede’s tempestuous history ended in 2003, Anderson has continued to record: in 2004 and 2005 with The Tears, alongside ex-Suede member Bernard Butler, and since 2006 solo, with four albums to his name. In 2010, Suede got back together and have since made three new discs, the latest being the brooding The Blue Hour (2018). In 2018, Anderson published Coal Black Mornings, magnificent black-and-white memoires that end with the rise of Suede. At Primera Persona, Anderson is interviewed by the cultural journalist Xavi Sancho.

Participants: Brett Anderson, Xavi Sancho

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11 May 2019