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Víctor Santos, Anna Soler-Pont, Lolita Bosch and Víctor Sala

In the frame of “Is the Novel Always Better?”, Professional session on literary adaptations.

Often when discussing film adaptations of a novel or a comic, only those who have created the adaptation take part: scriptwriters or directors who have taken a pre-existing work and made it their own. But what about the authors? How do they see this new creation? What do they need to do for their work to become a series or a film? Do you need to have an agent to promote your literary creations and find opportunities for adapting them? Are there markets for selling adaptations?

We’ll discuss these questions with two writers whose creations have been adapted for the screen: Víctor Santos (author of the graphic novel Polar, made into a film for Netflix), Anna Soler-Pont (Pontas Agency literary agent) and Lolita Bosch (writer of novels such as M and Elisa Kiseljak, adapted to film by Jordi Cadena and Judith Colell). Moderator: Víctor Sala

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22 March 2019