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Xcèntric 2022

Gloria Vilches. An introduction to experimental cinema


Gloria Vilches, coordinator of Xcèntric Cinema, presents experimental cinema and the keys to understand the value of a personal, vanguard and artistic cinema. Created in 2001, Xcèntric is the CCCB’s regular film programme, with regular screenings throughout the winter and ...

Maria Lassnig. «Kantate» by Marla Jacarilla

April 2022

The visual artist and film critic, Marla Jacarilla, presents Kantate, a film made by the Austrian painter, Maria Lassnig, when she was over seventy and in which she goes back over her life.

Boris Lehman: “For me, life and film are indivisible”

Despite a prolific career and a strong presence in arthouse cinemas and festivals, Boris Lehman is unknown to the general public. His experimental films are made at an unhurried pace, working with few resources and non-professionals. Films full of simplicity and everydayness, where the work ...