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Under Siege


Lights and Shadows of Drones

Jordi Perez Colome

Until recently, the word “drone” evoked a buzzing sound or a stingless male bee. Today, however, its everyday use no longer derives from noises or the animal kingdom. The word “drone” is now better known as a synonym for “unmanned aircraft”.

The Siege Today

Centre Documentació i Debat

With “Under Siege”, we begin this last quarter of the year with a cycle of debates on contemporary sieges, a project that also aims to denounce military conflicts that are unresolved, forgotten and even hidden from public opinion. “Under Siege” consists of an installation ...

Under siege

Three hundred years after the siege of Barcelona, the military besieging of peoples continues to be a common reality today, in 2014. At the same time, new and sophisticated strategies of forms of siege have emerged in which control, both of information and of technology, plays a fundamental ...