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Mission ALIA

Science and creation around Mars for secondary schools

Mission ALIA is an educational project that relates scientific dissemination with literary and artistic creation. Six groups of young people studying in secondary schools in Barcelona will immerse themselves in some of the most outstanding research programs of the Institute for Space Studies of Catalonia (IEEC). Accompanied by the scientists who lead them, a science fiction writer and an artist, they will write their own "Martian chronicles", which will be part of the CCCB's programming. What if Mars is on Earth?

Closing festivities of the ALIA Mission: science, literature, and live radio

Martian Waves

Closing festivities of the "ALIA Mission", an educational project relating popularisation of science with literary and artistic creation, with the conversation of the astrophysicist Fatoumata Kébé with Miquel Sureda, and the recording of a live podcast with the schools and scientists involved. 

Inés Macpherson

Sistemes de suport vital en una base marciana. Imaginar des de la ciència ficció.

Would it be possible to live on Mars? How would we adapt to its environment? Do we have the right to do so? These are questions of scientific speculation that bridge the gap with science fiction.

Laia Ribas

La vida en hàbitats extrems

Life on our planet faces imminent problems: in the midst of climate change and on the threshold of an ecological emergency. Could the Earth, in this situation, continue to be the cradle of Humanity in the future? Laia Ribas, a marine science researcher who has recently participated in the Nüwa project, a city designed for a million inhabitants on Mars developing its life support system, talks with 4th year ESO students at the Joan Brossa Institute about all this and much more .

Miquel Sureda

Peaceful exploration, settlement and exploitation of the space

Elon Musk affirms that "we have a moral obligation to colonize space to guarantee the continuity of the human species.

Guillem Anglada-Escudé

Designing a Sustainable Martian City: The Nüwa Case

For thousands of years, human beings have had the will to explore further and try to know their place in the universe.

Carme Jordi

Expansion through the galaxy and terraforming

Exploitation of natural resources, ecological footprint, overpopulation .

Ignasi Ribas

Cerca de vida, consciència alienígena i civilitzacions

Is there life outside of planet Earth? Has Mars been inhabited? What does "technological civilization" or "intelligent" mean? How could we communicate on an interstellar scale? The 4th year ESO students at Col·legi Sant Gabriel have worked for weeks around these and many other questions. Thursday ...