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Memefest 2021

A celebration of digital folklore and humour on the Internet

It’s time once again for Memefest, the cultural event that takes a light-hearted and cathartic look at humour on social media. In this third edition of the festival, and after months of social distancing and a lot of screen time, Memefest is back with more momentum than ever, offering a meeting point for followers of memes and digital culture to come together.

Samantha Hudson and Christo Casas

I, meme

The artist Samantha Hudson talks about her experience as a creator of humorous and political content on social media, interviewed by the journalist and anthropologist Christo Casas.

Alba Lafarga and Janira Planes

Hook, line and sinker!

The Internet is a place full of complex and unregulated relationships between creators, audiences and corporations. We propose a journey through the dysfunctional aspects of the “far west” of the new creative industry – self-exploitation, political toxicity, waves of hate, ...

Marc Sarrats and Ainhoa Marzol

COVID Catharsis

We want this first performance to be a collective story about the pandemic, as seen through the memes and viral content that are already part of our imaginary. That’s why we’re bringing in the comedian Marc Sarrats to run through the memes that helped us get through the pandemic. ...

The Golden Age of Memes

Ainhoa Marzol

During the pandemic, memes have offered a way to cope with the crisis and weave a collective narrative.