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Libertines and cancelled

On the occasion of the exhibition "Sade. Freedom or Evil", this cycle of debates, curated by writer and journalist Lucía Lijtmaer, seeks to open new lines of dialogue to reflect on the validity today of the author's work.

Gonzalo Torné and Lucía Lijtmaer

From public morality to cancellation

Writer Gonzalo Torné, author of La cancelación y sus enemigos, speaks with writer Lucía Lijtmaer, author of Ofendiditos, about cancel culture.

Laura Bates

From sadist cruelty to the machosphere

Feminist writer Laura Bates, creator of the website Everyday Sexism Project, speaks with the collective Proyecto UNA about the new forms of misogyny in the digital sphere.

Albert Serra

From desacralization to myth

Cinema and its relationship with hallowed figures have changed during the last 21st century. Filmmaker Albert Serra speaks with critic and journalist Violeta Kovacsics about the relationship between myth and religion in cinema.

Virginie Despentes and Irantzu Varela

From libertinism to the right to sex

Writer Virginie Despentes speaks with journalist Irantzu Varela about libertinism from a feminist perspective in a conversation moderated by writer Lucía Lijtmaer.