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Kosmopolis Programme 2022

Per Petterson and Carolina Moreno Tena

Petterson Universe

The writer Per Petterson, one of the most outstanding voices in Norwegian literature, talks to translator Carolina Moreno Tena about his unique literary universe.

Pedrolo, open battle

The celebration of the literary legacy of Manuel de Pedrolo

Six "opponents" defended the Pedrolo's work that has influenced them the most, and the public was also be able to enter the dialectic ring in this session that should serve to vindicate the radical creative freedom of Manuel de Pedrolo.

Estampa collective and Inés Macpherson

To write with AI

The collective Estampa and the writer Inés Macpherson propose the live creation of some elements of the production of a book using artificial intelligence tools.

Colm Tóibín and Jordi Puntí

The Secret Life of Writers

The Irish writer Colm Tóibín, who has just published The Magician, speaks with the writer Jordi Puntí about the power of fiction when offering insights into the lives of great creators.

The Voynich Manuscript

A Centuries-Old Enigma

The Voynich manuscript has been a mystery since it first appeared in the early fifteenth century. A mixture of naturalist treatise, hermetic text, and cryptic repertoire of signs, no one has yet been able to ascertain the author, contents, or aims of the work. In this session moderated by Elisa ...

Samanta Schweblin

Anatomy of restlessness

The Argentinian writer Samantha Schweblin talks with writer Jorge Carrión about her narrative, a work somewhere between uncomfortable realism, fantasy and science fiction.

Eva Baltasar

Lonely hunter's instinct

 In this conversation with the journalist Magí Camps, we discover the universe hidden in Mamut, the latest work of this sculptress of language, where the search for solitude and the call of motherhood take us to a rural world where poetry, black humor and animality are not absent.

Judith Schalansky

The thirst for writing

The German writer Judith Schalansky, an expert in making us travel without leaving the page, talks about literature as a game that straddles genres, and about books as artifacts to make the imagination fly.

Amélie Nothomb and Sergi Pàmies

The thirst for writing

Amélie Nothomb talks with the writer Sergi Pàmies, who has translated all of her books into Spanish, about her graphomania - she writes at least four hours a day - and about the origin of her stories, which have made her one of the great authors of French literature.

Alessandro Barbero and José Maria Micó

Dante, a fire that never puts out

Professors Alessandro Barbero and José Maria Micó give us the keys to read one of the fundamental authors of European culture today, accompanied by the voice of the actress Mercè Sampietro, who reads us some fragments of the Divine Comedy.

Ester Jordana and José Valenzuela

Hamlet: the weapon of madness

Professors Ester Jordana and José Valenzuela talk about madness in this Shakespeare's play and draw parallels with the treatment of madness in contemporary society.