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Kosmopolis 2006

III International Festival of Literature

Kosmopolis 06. Slam Poetry

Poetry Slam competition and performance by Saul Williams

Slam poetry began in the mid-nineties and is a form of poetic expression which takes place within the context of a competition, the slam. The markedly social content of the poetry and the fact that texts are created to be recited distinguish slam poetry from traditional poetry. K06 takes a ...

Kosmopolis 06. Against Amnesia

Lecture by Vitaly Shentalinsky

At the end of the eighties, Vitaly Shentalinsky studied in depth the archives of the kgb to research dossiers on thousands of writers who had suffered reprisals. The result, The KGB's Literary Archive (1993), is an exhaustive example of the author's interest in documentary literature, a genre ...