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Kosmopolis 2002

I International Literature Festival

William Gibson

Source Code

In this lecture, William Gibson presents an in-depth analysis of his influences, including cinema, television, essay, music, design and history. In the process, he will focus on the artefacts and the cultural attitudes that he considers to be aspects of the "source code" of his writing.

Brian W. Aldiss

I Kissed Kubrick's Daughter

The writer outlines the essential characteristics of the best science fiction, calling for special intelligence on the part of the reader, a necessary participant in a “fierce game” in which Aldiss tends to attack fundamental beliefs that other forms of popular literature only go to confirm.

Ryszard Kapuscinski

Kosmopolis 02. The change in the function of literature since the fall of totalitarianism

The opening of Café Europa with a lecture by Ryszard Kapuscinski.

Kosmopolis 02. Audio-visual synthesis

A festival where the word takes the floor and flows. Where literature with all of its facets is the protagonist. A festival to free readers, allow accepted canons to change and imagine the leaps that a false notion of reality never permits. A festival to shake up genres, navigate languages, ...

Kosmopolis 02. The necessary lie

Lecture by Jean-Claude Carrière

"Telling a story, as well as taking us to another place, is a particular way of slipping through time, even a we deny it. Carrière explains the keys to his book Le cercle des menteurs, a selection of 'philosophical tales' from around the world.