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Internet Universe: the power of algorithms

Teacher training conference

How can algorithms, with their supposed mathematical neutrality, perpetuate and amplify existing social inequalities? We present the new teaching unit of the Univers Internet project: “The power of algorithms.”

Learning and teaching with digital technologies

Júlia Coromina

When integrating ITCs into the classroom it is important to evaluate to what degree it enriches the relationship established between students, tasks and contents, and teacher.

David Casacuberta

Internet Universe: "Algorithmic injustice"

Big data and artificial intelligence allow us to automate decision-making about questions that humans have always made so far. The problem of using algorithms based on automatic learning is that if these systems draw on databases that contain our society’s racist, xenophobic and sexist ...

Not computable

David Casacuberta

Algorithms are not yet able to capture all the nuances of a human decision, so there are some decisions that, for the moment, only we can take.

Algorithmic Injustice

David Casacuberta

In light of the increasing use of algorithms to automate decisions, we do not just want them to produce results that are correct. They must also be fair.